Organic Raw Tigernuts (12oz)

TigerNuts are not actually nuts but small root vegetables! We have been deeply connected to these nutrient-dense tubers for millions of years. A January 2014 study by Oxford University revealed that 2 million years ago our earliest human ancestors relied heavily upon this root which fueled up to 80% of their diet! TigerNuts are the #1 whole food source of Resistant Starch, a PREbiotic fiber that resists human digestion and becomes fuel for our PRObiotic bacteria. A healthy gut makes for a happy human, so follow the intuition of our Paleo ancestors and eat some TigerNuts! Ways to Enjoy: – Raw, straight out of the bag – Soaked in water to soften and enhance flavor. Both = Awesome! You can even blend them into a traditional Spanish beverage called Horchata! We at Organic Gemini make our very own TigerNut Horchata, a cold-pressed beverage with all the health benefits of TigerNuts. Look for one of our seven different flavors in your grocer’s cold drinks section!