Maxi Health Maxi Active Pro 50, 30-Count

Forty percent of Americans suffer from some form of digestive upset such as abdominal pain, gas, bloating and diarrhea. Maxi-Health Research is proud to provide you with our most potent and strongest kosher probiotic formula. Maxi Active Pro 50 provides 50 billion active organisms per capsule. Each of the lactic acid strains has been tested for a variety of conditions. We are introducing a mixture of 15 probiotic cultures so that the ones your body needs or does not have will be supplied. Maxi Active Pro 50 capsules are carefully manufactured to protect the live bacteria from degradation and are enteric coated. As material enters the large intestine, probiotics begin their work of completing the break-down of any food that was not digested by the small intestine, such as lactose or enzyme-resistant fibers. Eating fermented foods like yogurt is not an option because the stomach’s acid environment prevents most of the bacteria from reaching the intestines alive. Everyone from infants to senior citizens should use them, especially those who take antibiotics. It improves the immune system and allergies. It also gets rid of diarrhea (Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, 2008) prevents and heals ulcers. We could easily fill many pages with the scientific studies describing the benefits of the other probiotics in our Pro 50 formula. Imagine that the pipes in your home get damaged and the sewer pipe is constantly dripping into your fresh water line. That’s exactly what happens in ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’, damage to the colon walls leaks all types of gook into the blood stream. Try our unique super combination of 15 probiotic strains to help you feel better and to keep your bacteria balanced with Maxi Active Pro 50.